2500 kg

1200 kg


The nestable industrial pallet

An inexpensive and high-performance all-rounder for single use.

In over 15 years of development work, we have succeeded in establishing this industrial pallet as one of the most efficient space-saving load carriers in the lightweight pallet segment. With the weight again reduced to merely 6.5 kg, the FIDUS LIGHT 1210 stands out with its light handling and an outstanding price-performance ratio – an advantage that makes it particularly suitable for internal logistics and the export sector.

Technical data

  Static load: 2500 kg  
  Dynamic load: 1200 kg  
  High rack load:  
  Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 150 mm  
  Weight: 6.5 kg  
  Material: recycled PE-PP  
  Color: black  
  Options: with anti-slip edge, with runners  



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