5000 kg

1500 kg

1000 kg

The heavy-duty industrial pallet

Extremely light for a heavy-duty pallet.

With a static load capacity of up to 5000 kg and a weight of only 17.9 kg, the three-runner FIDUS HEAVY 1210 3R is one of the most robust, but also the lightest industrial pallet in the heavy-duty segment. Manufactured in the proven 3-runner mono block design, this big bag pallet is easy to clean and can store up to 1000 kg in high racks. In international logistics, it plays a special role in the transport of big bags or Octabins in the pharmaceutical segment and other industrial applications. 

Technical data

  Static load: 5000 kg  
  Dynamic load: 1500 kg  
  High rack load: 1000 kg  
  Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 150 mm  
  Weight: 17.9 kg  
  Material: recycled PP  
  Color: black  
  Options: with anti-slip edge  



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