Do you fancy a change? We are happy to help!

Are you planning on switching from wood to plastic and would like some help with that? Our professionals will be happy to consult with you on-site and bring along suitable suggestions for a live sampling. We would be happy to support you in the decision-making process and will make sure that your switch will run smoothly. We will work together with you to find the best solution for you from the numerous options available.

Repairs? Absolutely!

Plastic is usually easy to repair. This lowers your costs and helps you extend the service life of your load carriers and transport packaging. We will inspect your damaged pallets and pallet boxes, and then give you feedback and make recommendations. We will expertly weld the damaged areas with plastic and smooth the surface. Once the machine cleaning is complete, they will be restored to near-original quality. If desired, and if the quantity is sufficient, we can also perform repairs directly on site at your location, thus saving you transport costs and the effort for handling.


Cleaning? Spotless instead of just clean!

Increase the service life of your reusable packaging through regular cleaning. We professionally clean delivered pallets starting from size 800×600 mm to 1500×1200 mm in our Limex vertical system and smaller sizes in our Limex box washing system. While doing so, we will also gladly take into account your requirements as per HACCP.

Leasing? No problem!

If desired, you can lease your load carrier solution (plastic pallet or container) from us in cooperation with our pooling partner. Stay flexible and use your desired load carrier for a monthly leasing rate that is not subject to authorization. If you lease long-term, you will help free up your investment budget. Along with classic H1 pallets, you can also lease the load carrier that best fits your needs and requirements.


Disposal? Recycling!

Recycling instead of disposing because plastic is a raw material that can be easily conserved. We operate the most modern treatment plants in the world and are your partner for the environmentally-friendly and profitable disposal of old plastic containers and load carriers. Let us work together to conserve this raw material, relieve the pressure on future generations and improve your environmental footprint.