PURUS PLASTICS is a medium-sized family business with firm roots in Germany and a clear understanding of the “Made in Germany” distinction. Our products are predominantly made from our own recycled plastics. This results in absolute sustainability combined with cost advantages, robustness and versatility.

PURUS has been an innovative manufacturer for over twenty years as well as your competent contact for plastic pallets and boxes. Light, medium or heavy? Whatever your requirement, our pallet range provides the right solution for any application – from easy-care hygiene pallets to high-rack system special sizes. All plastic pallets are optimized to meet the requirement of any given application, flexible to use and light.The use of plastic pallets not only conserves wood as a valuable resource, it also ensures environmentally-friendly reuse of material. In addition, our pallets also save valuable space when empty thanks to their impressive stackability. Unlike wood, our load carriers are completely unaffected by moisture or other kinds of atmospheric influences.

Our pallets enjoy great popularity and have proven themselves in millions of applications, regardless of whether they are utilized as a reusable or a cost-saving mono-use pallet. We consistently ensure high standards with our in-house production of raw materials, internal quality assurance and modern production facilities.

As a special service to our customers, our website contains detailed pictures and 360° images of all our load carriers. This gives you an opportunity to take a good look at our impressive products before use.

We are a manufacturer with our own direct sales channel because we like dealing with our customers personally and in close dialog. This helps you keep an overview of the numerous available options to make the right decision.

We operate a state-of-the-art treatment plant at our company headquarters in the Bavarian town of Arzberg and can help you as an experienced partner for specialist processing when your plastic load carriers reach the end of their service life. Naturally, this also applies to third party products made of plastic.

Furthermore, our processes offer benefits with regards to your carbon footprint and sustainability because you conserve and preserve resources and raw materials when using our products – helping to relieve the burden on future generations.

To find out more, simply get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!