FAQ - All about plastic pallets

Innovative plastic pallets combine sustainability, which today’s market demands, with numerous, well-thought-out user benefits.

  • Durability

On average, plastic pallets have a service life that is 10 times longer than wooden pallets. Moisture, corrosion or chemicals have little effect on the pallet. They can be repaired depending on their type and are also recyclable! More trips and less replacements thanks to significantly better durability and 100 % weather resistance. Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets remain resilient and maintenance-free even after multiple uses. Capitalize on their long service life because the material is impervious to moisture and other weather conditions.

  • Reliability

Unlike wooden solutions, plastic does not absorb liquids or lose durability and load-bearing capacity with increased service life. A decisive advantage for multiple usage.
Our products help you to operate a reliable and cost-savings logistics system and also make an important contribution to environmental protection.

  • Hygiene

Plastic is practically immune to pest infestation. Germs and bacteria have no chance due to the smooth, closed surface. Therefore, no special treatment is required for export. In addition, they can be cleaned quickly and easily using commercially available cleaning systems and high-pressure cleaners. When the lid is closed, bacteria cannot accumulate making our products less prone to mold or fungal infestation.

  • Weight

Plastic load carriers are generally lighter than comparable wooden solutions. This is mainly due to the stable lightweight design as well as the lower net weight of the material. Another advantage is that it does not absorb liquid or moisture and therefore maintains a constant pallet weight even in case of high moisture levels or adverse weather conditions.

Yes! Using genuine 360° recycling, we manufacture the majority of our pallets through plastics processing from constantly inspected, recycled raw materials. This results in the absolute sustainability of our products.

Yes! Our plastic pallets can be individually supplemented according to your transport requirements and equipped with additional functions. This includes, for example:

  • with steel reinforcement
  • with anti-slip edge
  • with anti-slip upper deck
  • with strap beading with RFID
  • with runners

Yes! Quality requirements are extremely high – particularly in the export segment. The plastic pallet scores points here because no costly IPPC/ ISPM15-compliant handling or gassing against pests is required. An advantage that saves on additional administrative and handling costs in international goods transport.